What is Anime?

How many of you know what anime is?

An article by Valley Lizard based on personal experience and research

Disclaimer: I am not a qualified expert in the study of anime or animation. I have, however, been watching anime for more than 25 years and done my own private research into anime.

Anime is Japanese cartoons.’ – Young Valley Lizard

A better way to put it would be:

‘Anime is a Japanese style of animation, originating in Japan. Now “anime” is even being emulated by western animation companies.’ -Valley Lizard 2020

Anime comes from the word ‘animation’. The idea of animation isn’t a purely Japanese thing. All the movies mentioned in the video below are animated, however only some of them count as anime.

Anime doesn’t have a set age range or target audience because “anime” simply describes the type and style of animation. In Japan, anime is a normal staple part of TV viewing. Just like in western countries there’s adult and children’s programs on TV. Watching anime would as normal for kids as watching morning cartoons. Chi’s Sweet Home is an example of an anime designed for kids.

Of course there are more adult anime with more intense themes, however I want to keep this blog family friendly. Some anime are more popular in Japan than in the west. Yuta explains how one particularly famous anime has sparked a controversy due to the current Covid-19 situation. In Japan the government is advising people to stay home, however that isn’t what is depicted in this particular anime…

What is your favourite anime? Stay tuned to find out what mine are!

If your curious about studio Ghibli I’ve already made a list of my top ten Studio Ghibli films here.

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