A Gothic Lolita Chose My Outfit?!

Learning how to be a lolita: A fashion journey

A true story by Valley Lizard with contributions by Frilly Lizard

I don’t feel like I can officially call myself a lolita since I’m still in the experimental stage of this alternative fashion (sometimes labeled as ‘ita’ or ‘painful’). While social distancing makes meeting other lolitas more difficult I can still learn online. Frilly Lizard said I would suit sweet lolita, but since she has more gothic items she created a gothic lolita co-ordinate (coord) for me. This is what happened:

Disclaimer: the rest of this post is written by Frilly Lizard and edited by me. Most of the photos are hers and therefore copyright belongs to her.

Choosing the Outfit aka Coord

‘My friend Valley Lizard recently posed a question to me. That question being what style of Lolita I would choose for her if I had to build her a coordinate out of my wardrobe and what style I think would suit her best?’

‘Now I personally think that Lizard would more than likely prefer sweet Lolita, however my wardrobe is about 90% gothic, so I took the opportunity to build her a coord that she might like if she wanted to try out gothic.’

Lady Sloth Winter Cemetery Jumper Skirt (aka JSK), photo obtained from Lolibrary a lolita fashion resource.

As with any coord I build I started out by picking a main piece! In this case this gorgeous JSK from Lady Sloth! I then picked out a nice blouse from Atelier Pierrot to match the blacks in the dress.

Photo taken by Frilly Lizard copyright 2020

From here I decided to pick out some leg-wear that would match nicely. Plain black tights and one of these pairs of shoes, though I ended up opting for the Cotton Candy Feet shoes on the right!

Photo taken by Frilly Lizard copyright 2020

Then I went on to pick some headwear and accessory pieces. Both pieces are from Atelier Pierrot, and I opted for a rectangular headdress and a choker with a nice little silver crucifix on it.

Photo taken by Frilly Lizard copyright 2020

Following this I wanted to give her the option of handbags and perhaps a parasol for sunny or wet weather. I think both parasols would work nicely with this coordinate however I opted for the one on the left from Angelic Pretty due to it being a little less OTT (over the top).

Photo taken by Frilly Lizard copyright 2020

Similarly, both handbags would work with this coord, however I opted for the smaller offbrand handbag as opposed to the Cotton Candy Feet one, because while I love it, it leans a little towards the sweeter side and It is a little big for casual outings such as to the grocery store, which is where I wore this coord out to immediately after building it.

Photo taken by Frilly Lizard copyright 2020

This brings us to the final product which looks a little something like this when laid out!

Photo taken by Frilly Lizard copyright 2020

Wearing the Coord

Unfortunately I don’t own a full length mirror, nor do I have adequate photo taking skills to capture the full coord, but I included a couple of worn shots as well to the best of my ability. For this coord I opted for my A-line Poof monster petticoat from Melikestea for a nice poofy A-line shape!

And that’s how I would build a coordinate for Lizard to try! One thing I will say however is that Lolita is something that is very individual and personalised, and I think it is very important to pick a style and pieces that you personally enjoy and like the look of the most when building your wardrobe and your Lolita Coords!’


Thank you so much!

This kind contribution is by Frilly Lizard, who actually has the same name as me! It’s so nice to meet someone with similar interests in fashion. I can’t wait to see Frilly Lizard again! In the meantime I have more lolita content coming up to help explain what the difference is between gothic and sweet lolita fashion.

Stay tuned!

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