What is Lolita Fashion?

Research and words by Valley Lizard

Disclaimer: the term “lolita” in this post refers to the fashion style and not the book.

“Lolita” is an alternative fashion originating in Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan, however it has now spread all over the world. While there are some “lifestyle lolitas”, others choose to wear the fashion for certain occasions.

Some of these occasions include, but aren’t limited to, are: tea parties, social gatherings, themed events, holidays, photo-shoots, Disneyland, birthday parties, weddings and many more.

A lifestyle lolita doesn’t just wear lolita as much as they can, but also incorporates what they love about lolita into their everyday life. Asami Moon is a “sweet” lolita and incorporates her love of sweet lolita into her everyday aesthetic and even food. Of course there are many other styles and sub-styles of lolita fashion which I’ll explore in further posts.

Not every lolita is a lifestyle lolita because there are times when it would either be inappropriate or impractical to wear lolita fashion. For example most workplaces in Australia, while don’t specifically forbid lolita fashion, expect employees to follow the dress code even if it’s an informal unspoken one.

P1030455 (2)
Can you tell the difference between lolita fashion and cosplay? Photo credit Valley Lizard February 2020.

Lolita fashion is often mistaken for a costume or associated with strange fetishes or obsessions. Lovely Lor is a lolita YouTuber who explains it much better than I could.

I believe lolita fashion is for anyone. Personally I think it suits me quite well which you can read about here. In my next post I have a special guest writer who styled me in gothic lolita fashion – at a social distance of course!



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