Lolita Fashion Suits Me?!

The illusion of fashion

Research and opinion by Valley Lizard

After watching the above video I finally, truly understand why lolita fashion suits me. Partly it’s because of some of my natural colouring (i.e. skin, hair, eyes etc.), but it’s also because a lot of mainstream western fashion doesn’t suit my body type.

Rosie Roulette and Liz (who will be known as “Frilly Lizard” from now on). Photo copyright Valley Lizard 2020, taken at the Japanese Summer Festival, Federation Square, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

All sorts of people admire and/or wear lolita fashion. What many people don’t realise is lolita fashion is more than gothic lolita and sweet lolita. There are almost countless sub-styles. There is surely one to suit you and I have found some which suit me. I’m still experimenting with multiple lolita styles in order to find my favourite/s. So far I’ve had a go at wearing:

  • gothic
  • classic
  • wa-lolita
  • pirate lolita
  • sweet lolita

I’ve had limited success with what I own. Using my limited wardrobe I can more easily create gothic, wa, classic and pirate lolita coordinates (coords). While I’ve been self-isolating I’ve been longingly browsing Baby the Stars Shine Bright and Alice and the Pirates. Below is a video which takes viewers inside the fashion show or Tea Party for Baby the Stars Shine Bright and Alice and the Pirates.

In western culture it seems women are expected to be ‘sexy’ while in Japan at least, the beauty standard is more ‘cute’ or ‘kawaii’. I will explore the concept of “kawaii” in more detail in a later post.

I have no desire to be ‘sexy’, but I do want to look cute and youthful. People often think I look younger than I am and I like that. I am also very short and small. This is unfortunate when it comes to clothes shopping because I often don’t even fit into the elegant, sexy women’s clothes even if I see some I like. I do fit into children’s clothes and Asian sized clothes. While I may be short for a westerner I’m actually fairly average to large when it comes to Japanese sizing. Lolita style jumper skirts (JSKs) are often adjustable and don’t rely on the wearer having an absolutely perfectly proportioned body. Sizing can still be an issue in lolita fashion, but for me personally I find lolita fashion looks better on me than most western fashion.

If I could buy any dress or other lolita items I believe I could more adequately represent me and my personality. I have always been rather shy with niche interests. I feel if I could demonstrate my interest in sweet things, cats, flowers, nature etc. through lolita fashion I would be more confident in myself.

I love growing strawberries and would absolutely love to have a strawberry print dress or themed coordinated outfit (coord). I would even love to handmake my own strawberry coord. Hopefully I’ll one day have a wardrobe full of all of my favourite things, but for now all I can do is dream of strawberries, cats, flowers, books and starry skies.

Rosie demonstrates how much fun wearing lolita fashion can be. I took this photo in Febuary when I interviewed her about lolita fashion.

Earlier this year in February¬† I interviewed Rosie Roulette and Frilly Lizard about lolita fashion. I learnt so many new things, which I can’t possibly put into one blog post. If you’re new to lolita fashion I will be introducing readers to all the different aspects of the fashion in subsequent blog posts. The most empowering thing I learnt from the two very different lolitas is how lolita fashion can be for anyone. You don’t have to be a certain gender, like certain things, be limited to sweet or gothic and you don’t even have to wear dresses.

While doing research and looking back on my interviews I’ve come to learn lolita fashion is more than a fashion style. It’s a hobby, community, an art-form, lifestyle or whatever you want it to be. It’s something you can make your own. You don’t have to strictly be a gothic lolita all the time or even sweet. You don’t even have to be limited to wearing lolita fashion 100% of the time. Rosie is a good example of how you don’t have to be restricted to one style everyday.

This post has been about my personal experience with lolita fashion and my personal opinion of it. So do you think lolita fashion suits me? If you wear lolita fashion, what style would suit me best? Do you have a favourite lolita fashion style or sub-style?

Stay tuned for more lolita blog posts.

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