Becoming a 2020 Vampire: Chapter 2

It was time to come clean

Emily’s thoughts swirled with questions of what ifs and maybes. Surely Jo had figured it out by now? It was time to tell Jo the truth.

After waiting a mere five minute-eternity Jo finally arrived, just as the deep blue of the night began to fade.

“So I’m here. You were going to help me out,” stated Jo.

“Yes, but I need to tell you something first…I hope that’s okay?” asked Emily.


“Well…you know those bite marks you always complain about?”

“Bug bites. What of them?”

A embarrassingly red glow began to creep into Emily’s artfully applied blush as Jo asked the question. Jo even flexed her muscles, ever so slightly. It wasn’t often Jo got into a physical fight, but after years of training at the gym and various martial arts training – she could literally kick butt.

“…Um…Well they’re not actually bug bites…” Emily timidly began while taking a small step away from her friend.

“What do you have sort of pet spider I need to know about?” asked Jo. While light hearted it was clearly a threat. Jo didn’t joke around and on the rare occasions when she did they were sarcastic, sadistic, dark humoured jokes which sent her enemies home in tears.

“No. Not a spider…it…it’s me…I’m a vampire you see?” Emily confessed. She was literally shaking in her pastel pink, Mary-Jane heels. She held onto her matching parasol for support and in case things began to get violent.

Jo burst out laughing, slapping Emily hard on the back.

“Good one, Emily, you a vampire?! As if!”

Well at least she isn’t angry anymore, thought Emily.

It was the same with everyone else Emily had dared to tell. No one believed her. Looking in the glass window behind Jo she was reminded why. She wore her sweetest, pinkest lolita co-ordinate she had to work that day. Anywhere that wasn’t a shade of pink was covered in white ruffles or lace. Jo on the other hand looked more like the stereotypical vampire. She, like always, was dressed head to toe in black – even her hair was black. Emily’s hair wasn’t even a stereotypical vampire colour. How many blonde haired vampires do you hear of? At least Emily still had that vampiric pale skin.

“I really am a vampire! See…?” Emily hoped showing off her fangs would at least convince Jo a little bit.

“If you’re really are a vampire and if those bites are from you, why haven’t I become a vampire?”

“Well…I just took a little nibble…You understand right?”

“A nibble? You are insane,” Jo stated whilst crossing her arms.

“Well…You see only a deep long neck bite will turn you into a full vampire…if you survive the experience that is…?”

“You got to be kidding me? Fine then bite me! I bet it won’t work!”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m always sure. I’m also always right. You’ll bite me and nothing will happen.”

Emily began shaking as Jo bent down so Emily’s fangs could reach her neck. Jo never screamed. Not even when Emily’s fangs sank deeper and deeper into her neck. Jo didn’t even cry out as her eyes changed from brown to red. The only sign of Jo’s pain came from the blood streaking down her chin from where Jo was biting her lips. Her teeth began as perfect white human teeth, which dug deeper into her lower lip as her new fangs grew.

It was one of the rare occasions where Jo was clearly wrong. Emily did not even dare say: “I told you so.”

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