Becoming a 2020 Vampire: Chapter 1

Surely it was mozzies.

Every. Single. Freakin, day Jo woke to find new bites somewhere on herself. What annoyed her even more was how her roommate, Emily, never got bitten – but then again Emily worked night shifts at the university’s IT help desk. It was a busy job too, is was surprising amount of students coming to her at midnight claiming their laptop won’t connect to the wifi.

It’s the life Jo had to look forward after she graduated from the same university Emily worked at. Their university was famous in Australia for it’s world class IT courses, although it was only famous among IT professionals. People often called the university by its shorthand name of ITU or ITUAU.

It was Jo’s final year at ITU and in her excitement she woke Emily up from her nap in the sun.

“Guess what Emily?!”

“Hmmm…?” Emily said in a daze.

“I’m about to start my final units for my course…Ever!”

“Oh, I already knew that…but I forgot which ones they were…”

“…Um…well most of it is pretty boring except for the placement unit.”

“Have you found somewhere to accept you yet?”


“Do you need any help?”

“Yes please!”

“Okay meet me after work at 4am.”

“Sure thing.”

Such an innocent request became Jo’s most life changing decision ever. Something she didn’t realise until 100 years later.


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