I Survived the Melbourne Japanese Summer Festival, Again?!

Every year the Melbourne Japanese Summer Festival is hot. Despite the weather it was my favourite Japanese summer festival so far. I think this is because I approached it in a sensible manner.

P1030408 (2)

Since I’d been previously I knew what to expect and therefore had learnt from my past mistakes. Rather than cosplaying I “simply” took photos. I still wore an in theme outfit, but I don’t appear in any of the photos here because I was behind the camera.

P1030431 (2)

In reality if you’re a cosplay photographer there is no such thing as a simple photoshoot. I had a lot of fun photographing the Sailor Scouts and getting some fun poses.

P1030513 (2)

To get these photos the cosplayers and I had to work hard together to create the best photos possible.

P1030428 (2)

In order to get some of my photos I often had to lay down on the ground in some very awkward positions.

P1030423 (2)

So often when it came to cropping I had to crop my feet.

P1030480 (2)

And don’t get me started on random background people. This is why I will edit most of the photos I took. I want them and the people in them to look perfect.

P1030471 (2)

It certainly helps when your cosplayers are perfect in the first place.

P1030504 (2)

Certainly a good excuse to practice using Photoshop. I would love to add some extra sparkly magic to these magical friends.

P1030455 (2)

Stay tuned for some epic edits!

P1030451 (2)

Or else….

P1030472 (2)

Anyway I’ll do a part 2 post soon…

P1030523 (2)

So don’t be sad…

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