Birds of Prey Review aka The Harley Quinn Breakup Movie


All opinions are my own unless stated otherwise. This post is not sponsored in anyway therefore is my own honest opinion.

Words and research by Valley Lizard

Five word summary:

Harley no Joke(er) plus companions.

Sayings/metaphors/random things people say which relate to the movie:

  • The enemy of my enemy is my friend
  • Average people have average friends
  • What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
  • Kill two birds with one stone
  • Diamonds are a girl’s best friend
  • Busy bee

Basic plot:

  1. Hi I’m Harley Quinn
  2. These are my friends, enemies and other random people.
  3. Everyone kill Harley!
  4. Sandwich!
  5. Bruce!
  6. Let’s steal stuff!
  7. Lot’s of F***ks
  8. Let’s not die.
  9. Let’s not die together.
  10. Let’s steal stuff again!
  11. The end…or is it?

Rating out of 10


Recommended for:

Harley Quinn fans, anyone who enjoyed Suicide Squad, Avengers fans, Guardians of the Galaxy fans, new DC/Marvel fans etc.

Not recommended for:

  • Anyone under the age of 15 (it’s rated MA for good reason)
  • People with phobias of blood, gore, needles, knifes or violence in general
  • Anyone who doesn’t like hearing the F bomb
  • Fans of reliable story telling and narration
  • Die hard Birds of Prey comic book fans (this movie is more about Harley Quinn meeting the Birds of Prey)

You MUST watch this movie if:

  • you’ve never seen a good superhero movie
  • are sick of heroes with perfect morals
  • enjoy analysing films
  • want to watch something a bit different to the other movies currently showing
  • you want to know what happens to Harley after Suicide Squad

Minor spoilers ahead

I’m studying censorship history and this movie would have been banned in America in the past because:

  • None of the women are married by the end of the movie
  • Cops get attacked
  • Dangerous animals and drugs
  • Criminals don’t get the punishment they deserve at the end of the film
  • Too much cleavage
  • Violent sport
  • Violence in general
  • Swearing
  • Plus much more

It very liberating to know I can go see a movie which would have previously been banned. I’ll write some more posts on censorship, but I already covered some censorship issues here.

The story is told from Harley’s perspective which I believe is a very creative and bold choice. It also combined elements of animation throughout the film as a nod to it’s comic book inspiration. I haven’t read any DC or especially Birds of Prey comics yet, so I came at it from a purely film perspective. As a film I think it succeeds fairly well. I will also do a more detailed review later, which will include major spoilers. For now I recommend you watch it and make your own opinion.

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