Last Minute Japanese Festival Preparation

Avoiding Con Crunch during the Australian Summer

A list of tips by Valley Lizard based on personal experience.

I’m currently getting ready for the Japanese summer festival. Here of some of the things I am doing and should be and will be doing before the festival.

  1. Plan my outfit

  2. Figure out what I need to take

  3. Plan my timetable for the day

  4. Check arrangements for public transport

  5. Figure out what food/drink I need to take and which I plan to buy

  6. Stock my wallet full of cash

  7. Sleep

  8. Eat healthy

  9. Charge batteries for phone, headphones, camera, power banks etc.

  10. Co-ordinate with the other people I’m going with and/or meeting there

  11. Make sure I have a suitable bag for the day to carry everything I need and/or might buy

  12. Check the weather

  13. Mock pack my bag

  14. Realise I need extra stuff like sunscreen

  15. Mock pack again

  16. Realise I can’t find [insert item here]

  17. Find said item

  18. Double check Melbourne’s weather

  19. Check I have things for all weather just in case like an umbrella

  20. Make sure my transport options have a plan B and maybe C

  21. Make sure I have contact details for everyone I’m going with or meeting there

  22. Test out contact details

  23. Charge phone again

  24. Mock pack again, but this time mock pack food and drink too.

  25. Realise bag is too heavy and choose an item to sacrifice or get a bigger bag

  26. Mock pack again

  27. Realise you can also bring a suitcase or backpack to leave in a locker at Southern Cross Station

  28. Mock pack again, but with more stuff and using a suitcase

  29. Cry because you don’t have the biggest or best camera equipment (this step is optional)

  30. Check the weather and realise there’s a last minute change

  31. Plan outfit

  32. Have entire outfit (including underwear and deodorant) set out ready for the morning so you don’t for get anything (especially deodorant).

  33. Pack your bag/s for real except anything which needs to be kept cold.

  34. Make sure you top up your Miki card even if you’re planning on driving

  35. Do any last minute charging

  36. Try to sleep either at night or while traveling.

  37. Don’t sleep because you’re too excited

  38. Fall asleep at some point anyway

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