Short Story: Ebony and the Dragon Kin

Ebony observed all the gathered Spirit Kin. If she had been to school or even church she would have been excited; instead she was scared. Like others of her kind she felt felt a sense of deep venal and fear about her.

She was standing next to a younger girl with black hair like her own, but unlike Ebony, this little girl was a Kitten Kin not a Dragon Kin. The girl’s dark feline ears twitched and turned as did her long, fluffy tail. Her arm hair standing up in a very cat-like manor. Ebony attempted to soothe the girl by stroking her fur until she felt the rumblings of purring begin. This action in turn helped Ebony herself become calm. She was one of the stronger Kindred Spirits since her traits stemmed from the Dark Dragons of the deep.

“Mew,” said the little girl as she finally stopped purring to see who was patting her.

“Hello, dear one. What is your name?”

“Maisie,” softly mewed the girl.

“That’s a pretty name. You may call me Bony. Can you say that?”


“Very good,” smiled Ebony. “Do you know where your family is?”

At this uncomfortable question Maisie began pacing like a cat around Ebony’s legs, before rolling onto her back and batting her paws at a passing butterfly.

“I guess you don’t know then. My mother’s dead, but I’m hoping my father is still alive somewhere…”

“Mew?,” Maisie suddenly stopped her games and looked up into Ebony’s ice-blue eyes.


“No mama, not for me.”

“What about my mama?”

“I don’t know about yours. I’m sorry.”

“Can you be my mama?”

“Yes Maisie. I will be your Mama and I will never let anything or anybody hurt you.”

It was a vow which was soon to be broken when training began.

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