Harley Meet Loki Fanfic

*Spoiler warning if you haven’t seen Suicide Squad or Avengers Endgame*

It was another lonely day in the cell.

No it’s not look at the mouse…come here I wanna play with you…or maybe eat you…

No Harley this is not a story about a mouse. It’s a story about you.

Fine I’ll become a mouse.

“Squeak. Squeak.”

Fine Harley Mouse Quinn was having a lonely day in her cell. Happy?

No, because I’m not lonely. I have Mr. Chu.

Mr. what now?

Mr. Chu.

The mouse?

He is no mouse. He is a horse.

I’m pretty sure that’s a mouse.

No, silly he used to be a horse.

Um…I think you need help.

Yes. Help finding the bitch who transformed Mr. Chu into a mouse.

We’re getting off track again. It’s story time remember.

Okay, but can you get someone else to tell it? You’re no fun.

Fine. Mother Quinn you’re needed!

You called.

It’s storytime!

Apparently so.

And who is the story about?

Mr. Chu.


How about we call the story “The Adventures of Harley and Mr. Chu” ?

How about “The Fabulous Adventures of Queen Harley and the Magnificent Mr. Chu”?


I thought so. Don’t you Mr. Chu?


Once upon a time in a mysterious castle there resided the fabulous Queen Harley. One day she came across a horse called the Magnificent Mr. Chu. He came to tell her about a way out.


Ask him yourself.

“Mr. Chu do you know the way out?”


He says yes.

So Queen Harley stopped strangling Mr. Chu and let him out through the bars.


She watched as he scampered into a mysterious iridescent blue light.

“You can’t kill him off this early in the story!”

He did not die. Instead he escaped to another world where heroes and villains alike posses precious stones of infinite power.

“Ooooh, pretty…I want one.”

Mr. Chu came from this world where he is know by many other names. My personal favourite is God of Mischief.

“Sounds like fun.”

Anyway after he went through the portal Mr. Chu came back, but in mortal form. His pale, almost icy, skin stood out to Harley as she watched on in awe.

“Where on Midgard am I?” he asked her.

“What do I say next?”

Next you grab his attention.

I said his attention, not his clothes. You never listen.

“You dare touch me! Who are you, you mewling quim?”

“I’m the one you’re here to rescue. Queen Harley Quinn.”

“What are you queen of?”

“What do you think I’m queen of?”


“I wasn’t talking to you.”

Say you’re queen of the world.

No queen of fabulousness.

“I’m the Fabulous Queen of the world.”

“Last I checked there was no queen of Midgard.”

“I said the world not Midgard.”

“Midgard is your world.”

“Since when?!”

“Since the dawn of time.”

“Then if you’re so clever. Who rules Midgard?”

“I do.”

“Well if that’s true…get me the hell out of here!”

“Where? The cage or to another world?”


“Then you must do everything I say…and don’t ask stupid questions.”

“Define stupid.”

“Anything of human origin.”

“That’s a lot of stupid.”

“Basically describes the entire human race. They only create things in order to destroy themselves and their planet with their own creations.”

“You’re not some sort of freaky ‘save the planet’ kind of guy are you?”

“I would only ever save Earth if I could rule it.”

“Fair enough. I’ll only help you save the Earth if I could rule it too.”

“It’s a deal. Now grab my hand.”

“We’re shaking on it are weeeeeeeeee-“

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