Harley Meet Loki part 3

“Okay fine, so what now?”

“Now we casually walk away like nothing ever happened – Not that way! This way.”


“We need a new disguise. You’ll be the guard from before and I’ll be a chest of jewels.”

“Sounds fun!”

“No this is serious!”

“Why so serious?”

“Just hold still,” Loki tells Harley as a new golden glow comes over her.

“Now hold me tight while I transform…And don’t drop me.”

“Wow, you sure know how to talk dirty don’t ya.”

“Just don’t let go.”

“Oh you know I won’t,” she says to the dark Ivory, emerald embezzled box in her hands. “Can I open you?”

“Hisssss,” says Loki in his emerald snake form.

“I take that as a no. Anyway with you in there how will I know the way?”

“I’ll make the lid transparent and indicate the way with my tail.”

“Those magical abilities of yours sure do come in handy. Does it mean you can walk out in public naked and no one will know?”

“Excuse me, sir, why are you talking to that box?” asks another passing guard.

“It’s magic.”

“Then it should go with the other magical treasures. I don’t recognise you is this your first day?”


“Well how about I take that -”

“Actually I was asked to put it away personally.”

“Well at least let me accompany you.”

“Um…you see I was told it was a secret and no one could no what’s inside.”

“That’s strange let me have a looo-arrrh!” he screamed as he put his hand inside.

“Okay fine. If you think you can handle something like that go right ahead. If Loki was here I would say it was one of his tricks.”

“Well it’s something which used to belong to him…”

“Well no wonder. Just get out of here. Go straight down this hall and down the stairs to your left.”

“Thank you kind sir.”

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