Trust me, Take these to every Convention

I’ll add and update this list throughout the year. I’ll also add to the explanations.

  1. A friend
  2. Food and water
  3. Pain killers
  4. emergency cosplay repair kit
  5. Camera
  6. Phone
  7. Sunscreen or some form of equivalent sun protection
  8. A bag
  9. Cash (some places don’t accept card
  10. Comfy shoes (even if you only wear these to and from the con).
  11. ID
  12. Travel card (MiKi in Victoria)
  13. Hair ties
  14. A shopping bag
  15. Emergency apps and phone numbers
  16. Deodorant (wear and bring)
  17. Sanitiser or cleansing wipes
  18. Tissues
  19. Glasses especially if they’re perscription
  20. A hat
  21. A filter mask especially if it’s a high bushfire smoke day
  22. Your own personal timetable and map of what you want to see and do.
  23. Smart phone apps up to date especially ones you may use.
  24. Gaming gear especially if you’re meeting fellow gamers or it’s a convention like PAX
  25. Charging equipment for all your electronic gear including power banks.
  26. Pen and paper for phone numbers, autographs etc.
  27. A smile (people may take your photo)
  28. A positive attitude (you may even be on video)
  29. Somewhere to put business cards
  30. Something to use as a pillow or blanket such as a jacket
  31. Ideas of merchandise prices so you don’t over spend.
  32. A list of people who are nerdy who you’ll be buying birthday or Christmas presents for.
  33. Contact numbers and details for the people and friends you’re meeting.
  34. Confidence
  35. A plan for where the best food places are for dinner after the con (even if you don’t plan to stay the whole time you might).
  36. A knowledge of the convention rules especially if you’re cosplaying or going as a photographer
  37. Knowledge of the best, closest and cleanest toilets, especially ladies toilets.
  38. Any other personal essential items like prescription medication.
  39. Car/house keys
  40. Transport plan/s

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