Is Anime Sexist?

Over many years of watching anime and being on social media I’ve heard numerous opinions about anime one of which is that it’s sexist. What do I think? Short answer? Yes. Long answer? No.

I’ll explain. The first thing to realise is there are different sub categories for anime, just like for western cartoons. For example although My Little Pony and Family Guy are both cartoons, but they’re not aimed at the same audience. Same is true for anime. Pokemon is aimed at children while something like Fairy Tail or Rozen Maiden is aimed at an older audience. Anime doesn’t just have different age targets, but also gender and fetish targets. There are two big main categories when it comes to anime: shonen and shojo. Shonen is aimed at boys and often contains things males stereo-typically love (action, boobs, comedy etc.). Shojo is aimed at girly girls and is the anime equivalent of the romantic genre. The way characters are designed for these different audiences is also different. Look at the two trailers below and compare the male and female character design. Comment which you think is shojo and which you think is shonen, I’ll reveal the answer in my next post.

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