My Aussie Christmas

A love/hate relationship


I may not know what Christmas is like in your country, but here in Australia it’s usually hot. In fact this year a large part of the country is literally on fire. I hate summer and for Aussies like me Christmas is in summer. Now this doesn’t mean I hate Christmas, but I do hate the weather we usually get at Christmas. I much prefer winter to summer, so I get quite jealous of the Northern Hemisphere and their winter wonderlands. There are some advantages and fun things to do at Christmas time because it’s summer. For example having a BBQ, going swimming at a pool or the beach are fun things to do at Christmas. The warm weather makes looking at Christmas lights fun and easy. A couple of years a age after looking at Christmas lights my family and I went to our local Japanese restaurant to have an ice cream mochi dessert called yukimi daifuku.

Above are some local Christmas lights from this year. Fireworks are also amazing to see at Christmas time.

Photo credit me Valley Lizard copyright 2019

My church also had some beautiful Christmas lights.

Beautiful star and stained glass windows. Photo copyright Valley Lizard 2019

My church always has a special Christmas day service and this year’s one was one of the best yet, especially for the kids. We got to watch the Christmas story told in chocolate and the kids had to guess which chocolate went with each part of the story. If they guessed correctly they received that particular chocolate. Can you correctly guess which chocolates go with which part of the story?

The music was also super on point. I had gotten to the point where I was sick of hearing ‘All I want for Christmas is You” and I just wished Michael Buble would go back to his cave until next year. I however, was not prepared for just how amazing the carols were at church especially since I didn’t have a proper chance to attend a carols by candlelight.

After the music and chocolate it was time for the Christmas sermon. First of all I have to say I think our church has one of the best pastors ever. You know you’ve got a good pastor when he regularly references Doctor Who and Marvel in his sermons. Anyway back to Christmas which centred on who else but Christ. I think the thing that stood out most to me is how the world just yearns for peace and some of the best things that come out of Christmas is acts of love. The pastor asked us “So where is the peace of God in today’s world?” I believe God’s peace is wherever there is true, unselfish love especially when expressed through actions. These actions could be about giving money to charity or even simply helping a friend. Love is what I believe Christmas is all about. Whether you have any sort of faith, Christmas is a time for love and often healing and/or building of relationships. A friend of mine says the requirements of a Christmas movie is that it’s set during or is about Christmas and there is some sort of relationship which is healed. If you look at the most famous Christmas movies such as Elf and the Grinch they easily fulfill these requirements.

Personally though my favourite Christmas movie is Hogfather.

After church my family and I went home to open the rest of our presents. It is our family tradition to open one present each before church and the rest after. I requested that whatever present I was given to open I could take or wear it to church. I ended up opening a really awesome handbag which can change into a backpack. Below are pictures of my other presents.

I was pretty excited! Photo taken by my brother copyright 2019
Inside one of my presents was a watch that glowed when I visited the aquarium. Photo by me copyright Valley Lizard 2019
I got this cute Gryffindor bow to wear. Photo by me copyright Valley Lizard 2019

Both my brother and I really wanted the Frozen 2 soundtrack for Christmas. My brother got it, but I don’t mind as we can both still listen to it. He was also so shocked and happy to receive his cosplay related present for his Ichigo, Bleach cosplay. If you’ve never heard of Bleach the trailer for the live action adaption is below:

Later in the day after presents and lunch we met up with another family for Christmas dinner: Aussie style. We had a BBQ with steak, sausages, salads, cake, fruit salad and much more.

Both my brother and I received vouchers for Christmas, so on Boxing Day we spent them plus some Christmas money to get a Nintendo Switch Lite. I’ll post a review here of the Switch after I’ve had a chance to play it a bit more.

While all this may sound like I absolutely love Christmas, but there is also a downside. Often I feel Christmas can either bring out the worst or best in people (sometimes both). People become more selfish when it comes to shopping and try to compete to get the best present. It also tends to be a very stressful time and as a uni student I don’t need anymore stress in my life. Anyway one thing to remember at Christmas, as another pastor said, is that we all have a hunger for love – just like the song Hunger by Florence and the Machine.

So I’m kind of glad Christmas is over, but also a bit sad. What do you like/dislike about Christmas?


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