Ideas for Summer Cosplay

As you can see I’m a big Pokemon FAN!

In my last post I talked about summer cosplay because now that it’s December it’s the beginning of both the summer and the Christmas season here in Australia. Today I want to list characters that would be great for summer cosplay at a Christmas party, the beach or the pool.


Cosplaying as Pokemon or Pokemon trainers works for any season, but particularly summer.

Pokemon cosplay? Just Go for it!


Who doesn’t love mermaids? Any mermaid characters would be perfect for mermaid cosplay.

Disney and Kingdom Hearts

Similar to above since you can do mermaid versions or beach friendly versions of a lot of the characters.

Star Wars

Well I guess slave Leia is basically bikini Leia, so it counts as beach/pool wear right?

Avatar (the one with bending)

I mean they even had an episode set at the beach…

This is so cute!

Star Trek

Okay how many planets have sand or beach? Pretty much every single one. Also in Star Trek there’s the holodeck…

What better kind of beach party than a Star Trek party?


Okay you can literally do a bikini version of any and all superhero/villain characters.

Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn are perfect ideas for summer cosplay

Doctor Who

Like with the other science fiction cosplay Doctor Who presents a lot of variety and locations.

Maybe you could cosplay a character who cosplays as the Doctor or is it a Zygon?


Another classic anime that includes scenes and artwork set at the beach.

So cute! Cosplay goals!

One Piece

I mean they’re literally on a pirate ship in almost every episode…

So let me know if you have any other ideas? Or if you’ve ever done a summer/beach/pool cosplay.



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