7 Tips You Must Read Before Convention Season (Australia)

No don’t con people but please do go to Conventions

Con or convention season will soon be upon us and if you’re a cosplayer like me that means cosplay season is coming. I’m going to be sharing some tips about how to best prepare for con season, especially in Australia (sorry international readers).


Don’t panic!


It’s an easy thing to do especially when my first cosplay even is in February.


Plan which conventions to go to

Find out all the convention dates and whether they clash with any other important plans (e.g. weddings, family birthdays and/or holidays etc.). Know your study, work and finance commitments. Although cosplay is fun it shouldn’t mean you can’t pay rent, buy food or fail you’re studies. I know it’s hard, but you have to be realistic even if it means you only get to go to one convention.

Although if you’re getting married at a convention then that’s a whole other story…


Plan your cosplays in advanced

Part a) Find other cosplay friends or groups to go with

Often there’s lots of cosplay groups and gatherings you can join and cosplay is always more fun when it’s done together. Sometimes simply seeing a group will inspire you. For example the group might have a superhero theme and suddenly you realise it’s a great opportunity to go as Loki for example…

Part b) Choose your cosplay character/s and choose your conventions (wisely)

Yes I know plans do change and often do, but at least have one option planed for each convention you want to go to. Also make sure the costumes suit the particular convention and especially the weather. For example the Japanese Summer Festival in Melbourne encourages cosplay, however this event is held outside during Australia’s hottest month. It means it’s a great time to wear yukata, but a terrible time to be a leather clad Loki.

What do you mean I can’t be Loki for the Japanese Summer Festival?!


Create a budget, time frame and a list of skills you have or want to learn

This is a step many cosplayers, myself included, often skip because…well we often go over budget and run out of time….

As for skills now is the time to see what short courses and/or workshops are on offer. One place I’ve learnt many sewing skills is the Traralgon Neighbourhood Learning House. They run not only sewing classes, but photography, Photoshop, painting, writing and many more.

Sewing, sewing just keep sewing. What do we do we sew sew sew sew…..


Plan when and where to make your cosplay

Make sure to set a time and place to work on your cosplay. Whether it’s everyday, every week or month. Once you have decided on a time and place make sure no one can disturb you during that time.


Buy tickets

Most conventions require you to buy tickets and you may also need to purchase train, bus and/or plan tickets or just top up your Myki. This step is especially important if you are going to a convention you haven’t been to and/or in a place you haven’t been to before.


Plan your day/s

Answer the questions where and when are you going to be during the day?, who do you want to see?, why are you going to the convention?, what might you buy?, how are you going to do and see everything? The answers to these questions will help you plan your day and hopefully set a budget.

Bonus Tip: Have Fun!

Whatever you end up doing make sure you enjoy it!



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