My Top 10 Female Villains

Similar to my last post, but this time it’s villains:


Lady Loki from Marvel comics and fan art





….because Loki can do whatever she wants!


Hela from Marvel comics and movies

Although to be honest I prefer Hela in the comics…


Bellatrix Lestrange from the Harry Potter movies and books





Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland

Same actress as Bellatrix, just different character.


Missy from Doctor Who


River Song aka Melody Pond from Doctor Who

Sometimes a villain sometimes a hero, but I’ll put her here anyway. I mean she was out to kill the Doctor…


Maleficent from Maleficent and Sleeping Beauty


Jiaying from Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD

Jiaying is basically Skye’s crazy mum.


The Girl in the Flower Dress from Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD

Yes I know she has a name, but she was scarier when we didn’t know what it was…


The Enchantress from Marvel comics and cartoons



Bonus: Lorelei from Marvel comics and Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD

Lorelei is the Enchantress’s sister by the way.





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