Looking back: Anime Festival 2017 Part 1

First of all I want to say the worst part of this year’s Anime Festival is I couldn’t stay both days and I couldn’t do, see and buy everything. The best part? Cosplay. I go to cons (conventions) for the cosplay and Anime festival did not disappoint. I cosplayed Sakura from Naruto wearing a yukata (Japanese summer kimono).

Sakura with a sakura (cherry blossom) patterned yukata

Unfortunately I didn’t make this cosplay myself, however it is amazing just how well the various parts of the cosplay came together so well. I bought the yukata as part of a clearance set from Yukata Kimono Markaet Sakura. The set included the yukata, geta sandals and the obi. The fan I borrowed off my friend, the headband I borrowed off my brother and the wig I got from ebay and although you can’t see it in the picture I also bought a traditional Japanese pouch from Daiso.

This is also the first cosplay I’ve done in a while where people actually recognised my character, despite the fact that Sakura never actually wears this exact outfit in the manga or the anime. I even had one guy wishing someone (maybe even me) would do a fan art of Sakura in my cosplay…

Anyway back to Anime festival itself…. I think I probably enjoyed this years Anime festival more than last year. I don’t know if that’s because my friend and I were better organised or whether Madman were better organised or both. Either way it does pay to plan ahead especially if there’s things you don’t want to miss out on like the Maid Cafe. Last year I missed out on the Maid Cafe because it got booked out. This year my friend made sure that booking the Maid Cafe was the first thing we did and I have to say it was well worth it.

The maids were of course really cute and the butlers were handsome as well. Not only was everything (and everyone) beautiful, but the food actually tasted so good.

Before going to the maid cafe I participated in my first cosplay group meet. It was of course a Naruto one, organised by Madman. Check out the official photos on the Madman Anime Festival Facebook page. I had so much fun getting photos with all the other Naruto cosplayers. It was also great getting as many pictures of and with all the other Sakura cosplayers (even if they weren’t cosplaying the same Sakura as me).

P1000828 2
Traditional style Sakuras featuring Cardcaptor Sakura and me

Anyway that’s all for now. In part 2 I’ll reflect on the cosplay workshop and competition. See you then. Sakura…I mean Lizard out πŸ™‚

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