Back track to Animaga: Review

Again I have been quite busy lately. Just last night I performed in ‘A Gathering For Hardy’ alongside my wonderful theatre family. I am so tired right now. I naturally wake up early which kind of sucks when you went to bed after midnight and you have chronic fatigue.

Anyway I really need to get round to telling you all about my amazing time at Animaga…..

Promotional shot for ‘A Gathering for Hardy’. I played a character called Lucy next to me is my stage husband Richard.

So Animaga was simply amazing and a whole new convention experience for me. Usually I just go to a convention to cosplay and have fun, but this time I was going with a new purpose. I was there as part of the media to cover the event for my journalism assignment. I got to meet and talk so many wonderful cosplayers whom I filmed. It was almost unusual seeing a convention from another lens (literally).

Below is a compilation video I edited of most of the cosplayers I saw at Animaga:

As a convention in itself Animaga is actually my favourite that I think I’ve ever been to. This is partly because it’s smaller than many other conventions, but that also makes it more specialised, niche and more relaxed and fun…Oh and it’s held at the beautiful Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne (near the museum). The building’s architechture is lovely inside and out plus it’s right next to the Carlton Gardens, which is a lovely spot to relax and take cosplay pictures.

People lining up to go into Animaga held at the beautiful Royal Exhibition Building

Next I want to cosplay and do even more and better filming/photography at Animaga.


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