Harajuku Fashion in Melbourne


People’s love for Japanese street fashion was demonstrated through the Harajuku Fashion Winter Walk on Sunday 27th August. Harajuku is a district of Tokyo in Japan where fun, unique and creative fashion styles are fostered. At Melbourne’s Harajuku Fashion walk a variety of fashion styles were represented including goth, gothic Lolita, sweet Lolita, classic Lolita, decora and many more….


The walk began in Federation Square and did a loop going across the Yarra, up through the CBD and stopping at the State Library of Victoria for a break before returning to Fed Square.


Before and during the walk people were genuinely interested in what was going on and many were keen to have their photos taken with members of the group.

This is of course the whole idea behind the walk: to spread awareness and interest in Japanese subcultural fashion originating from Harajuku. The other reason for the walk is for people of similar fashion interests to get together and enjoy spending time together. As far as both these ideas are concerned the walk is definitely successful. I myself am keen to attend in the future as one of the participants rather than one of the photographers.

Presently these walks are done seasonally, so the next one will be the Spring Walk and will be held in November. For more information visit the Harajuku Fashion Walk Australia Facebook page. If you can’t wait until November to see or wear Harajuku fashion then why not check out Animaga, which is on the 16th and 17th of September. I will be at Animaga covering it for both my blog and a university assignment, but I will be focusing more on the cosplay, rather than the Lolita fashion. I will also be posting a more detailed post about my experience of the Walk which will include interviews with some of the participants.

Lizard out.

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