A long time Van Gogh….Part 2

Okay so a while back I went to NGV’s Vincent Van Gogh exhibition and I said that I’d fill in the details later; so here it is:
The exhibition was called Van Gogh and the Seasons and therefore all the artworks were arranged according to the four seasons. What was surprising was that the first half of the exhibition (mostly) didn’t feature any of Van Gogh’s original artworks. Instead it featured artworks that he was inspired by. This included artworks and posters that he actually owned. It was amazing to see and imagine these pictures on his bedroom walls.


This is a sketch I did of how I imagined Van Gogh’s bedroom to look like


After the posters was a Japanese art section. I may have enjoyed this part of the exhibition just as much if not more than the rest of the exhibition. You may have noticed, but I’m really interested in Japanese culture, therefore getting to see Van Gogh’s artworks and Japanese woodblock prints was a real treat.

It was then really fascinating to see how the these artworks as well as the seasons influenced him. The surprising thing was just how varied his style was. When I think of him I imagine his impressionistic artworks . Although there was plenty of these in the exhibition there was also some extremely detailed paintings and drawings. Some of these he even layered the paint to create a three dimensional effect.

Overall it was a really great exhibition, which was why it was so insanely crowded. I finished the experience by watching the Doctor Who episode called Vincent and the Doctor.

Anyway next I’m hoping to go to the Hokusai exhibition at the NGV and further fuel my interest in Japan.

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