Love and Laughter 


I may be a bit biased in this review, but Here There and Everywhere theatre’s most recent play is hilarious. Entitled “The Three Lovers” it is a play about a play that pokes fun at actors and directors everywhere. As an actor myself I could personally relate to the jokes. I know and have worked with the actors in the play making it even more relatable and funny.

This is all for One Act play festival 2017 and already they’ve won some awards and nominations. In emerald they won best ensemble, 3rd for audience choice and were nominated for best comedy and best actress for Krissi Creighton who plays Rosemary in the play.

Being a one act play it was short, but full of laughs. The local audience at the preview night I went to seemed to really enjoy it and it seems like it’s a play that everyone can enjoy, especially those interested in or involved in theatre.

See the following site for a full list of awards from the round in Emerald:

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