Mad Fest Review: Part 2

Okay get ready for some cosplay as that’s what  Part 2 of my Mad Fest Review is all about. In Part 1 I already talked about getting autographs from two cosplay stars, so this post will be more about the cosplay competitions etc. and my own personal cosplay experience. This was my first year wearing a cosplay costume that I’d actually made myself. It was great fun and I was so pleased that I could do it with one of my best friends.


Me in my Konata cosplay costume that I made myself!


I myself didn’t enter any cosplay competitions, but I think next time I go to I convention I will; especially after seeing how encouraging everyone was. The most basic cosplay competition that almost every convention has is the cosplay parade, which is open to anyone willing to don a costume. These competitions usually see a variety of people of different ages and costumes (some handmade, some bought), just really enjoying themselves. For some this is their first time going on stage in costume, particularly the younger kids. At Mad Fest there were two adorable little girls who got on stage, one was dressed as Serena from Pokémon and the other was Zuko from Avatar the Last Airbender. Everyone was really encouraged these girls with the audience giving a big ‘nawwww’ as each walked on stage.

Although this was the kind of cosplay competition that everyone could be involved in it was still a competition, judged by the cosplayers that I got autographs from. I can’t remember the name of the cosplayer or character that won, but all I can say is that their costume was amazingly detailed. Their costume even consisted of a mask which made it near impossible to speak.


In the exhibition hall they also had some professional cosplay costumes on display


Next was the Cosplay Stars Panel with A K. Wirru, Siera, Tomia (from Korea), Pinky Lu Xun and Orochi. It was rather a short panel since they took a bit of time setting up, but still really enjoyable. We learnt all about the amount of costumes each cosplayer has made (and kept) in their introductions; which was very interesting seeing as some have made 70+ costumes! Most of the questions were for advice on cosplay, but there were still some more fun questions (like which Pokémon Go team are you on?). I believe the biggest message that I took away from that was encouragement to keep on cosplaying, even as I get older.

Next was an amazing (or should I say A-Musing 😉 performance by A-Muse. A-Muse are performance cosplayers who cosplay as characters from the school idol group in the Love Live! anime called μ’s (pronounced muse). Nine young cosplayers all dance to and lip sync to the songs that μ’s sing and dance to in the anime; all in character. Some even sung some of the songs themselves in Japanese, which is impressive seeing as they aren’t Japanese themselves. What’s also quite impressive is they organise their choreography, costumes and wigs all themselves. Sometime after Mad Fest I was able to watch the Love Live! anime and now I think that I can appreciate their performance even more. If you want to see more of A-Muse you should check out their Facebook page.

The only disappointment that I have about their performance was to do with the sound. It was way too loud. The music was so loud in fact that at some points I could barely hear A-Muse sing over the top of the music.

Last, but defiantly not least was the Madman National Cosplay Championship of the Victorian preliminary round. It was actually one of the best Victorian rounds that I’ve ever seen, partly this was because of the way they organised it. The past couple of years has seen a real drop in the number of entries in the Victorian round at Madman. This has meant that only one or two people will enter and it becomes much less of a competition. So what Madman decided to do this year was to hold the Victorian round later in the year at Mad Fest (it’s usually in April at Supanova). This allowed more time for people to make costumes and for cosplayers who didn’t make it in earlier rounds in other states to compete. The result…? Fabulous costumes and amazing performances. One of the contestants (who’s from Queensland) was actually one of the girls in the A-Muse group. She cosplayed Nico Yazawa From Love Live!, wearing a beautifully lit up dress. For her skit (everyone in the competition did a skit) she danced and lip-synced to one of Nico’s songs. The audience got really into it, especially considering many were Nico fans. It was almost like a real concert. She only got second place (I think), but she was defiantly my favourite. I think after Mad Fest I even more so want to make the Madman National Cosplay Championship my goal… day 🙂


That’s it for me, expect to see more cosplay from me sometime (at the moment I’m working on a Link Ocarina of Time cosplay)

P.S. My wonderful friend took the full length pictures of me in my costume.


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