Hear me out

An event that I went to on the weekend made me remember something really important that I forgot to mention in my last post , I guess you could call it an important safety message, a review or must have concert item. The most important thing you can have or wear to a concert (or any loud event) is musicians earplugs.

It may seem a bit pedantic, but really if you don’t want to end up with tinnitus (ringing in the ears) or worse go deaf then musicians earplugs are a must. I know you may hear the word “earplug” and think that it’ll block all the sound you’re trying to hear in the first place, but that’s the difference between foam earplugs and musicians earplugs. Musicians earplugs are designed to filter sound rather than completely block it. Although they’re called “musicians” ear plugs they can (and should be) used by people going to concerts, trying to study in a noisy environment or even motorbike riding (though there may be separate specialised earplugs for some of these). When musicians get earplugs they get super expensive (a least $200) custom fitted earplugs, however if you just need them just for a concert every now and again there are a variety of cheaper options. I got my Etymotic ER20XS from Ear Jobs which is a great Australian site specialising in all kinds of ear protection and they have free shipping throughout Australia. The ones I got were about $40 and also came with a lanyard (which I haven’t used) and a storage case (which I usually keep them in).



Initially it was really confusing for me to choose which earplugs to get (I knew I should get at least something because I often have issues with my ears). There are countless brands and varieties of musicians earplugs to choose from, all seeming just as good as the others. I read heaps of reviews of various ones and I finally decided on the Etymotic ER20XS.

The Etymotic ER20XS has a slick, discreet design that fits easily into my ears and although it feels a bit weird and awkward at first I soon forgot they were there. In fact there were a couple of times during the concert in which I couldn’t help but put my hand to my ears just to check that they were still there.

Because whatever they’re made of is transparent they’re barely noticeable to casual onlookers.


In the end they worked out well making Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s concert more enjoyable. I really wish I had them with me last weekend during Madman’s Anime Festival, since they had a really awesome mini Love Live concert performed by A-Muse. The concert was great really, but the music was so loud (although this was partly due to my friend and I getting good second row seats). I tried blocking my ears at one stage and that actually made it sound better and this was not because the music was terrible, but because it cut out the “noise” or “loudness” part of the music. This is essentially what musicians ear plugs do (although they do it much better), they actually make the music you hear clearer and better.

Anyway expect to hear more about the Anime Festival and how my costume turned out.

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